v1.06A Big Performance update

With 1.06A, PixaVoxet is significantly more stable, and optimized for performance than it's initial release.  Let me know if you encounter any bugs, there was a lot of foundational code that got replaced.  Most of the work was about making rendering happen in a single pass rather than separate threads, and calculations only happening only on voxels that were to be rendered.

By default, I've disabled previewing the voxel lighting in the Animator tab scene, however you'll still be able to see how lighting effects your 2D sprite in the preview window.  This is still a toggle-able option, but I recommend saving the character with this toggled off.  This is something you may have to retroactively do if you've been working with PixaVoxet.


- Fixed a bug where updating transforms particularly on curve deformations, wasn't synced with the rendering pass, resulting in inbetween frames when playing back the animation

- Fixed a bug where animations made in the animator weren't the same as the animations being rendered to spritesheets

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