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A software suite used for rendering pixel art animations based on voxel models.  I created this software with the intended purpose of making content generation for 2D pixel art games more efficient and perhaps easier.  Voxel work shares some of the preciseness of pixel art and the freedom of working in 3D, while also perhaps being easier to grasp and learn.  The pixel art renderer, gives the user many options to play with and ,as best as possible, try to adhere to current pixel art standards and techniques.  (In future updates I'd like to adhere more to these standards like limiting color count created by the lighting engine)

Users can create characters with a modular framework, where by each character is composed of different parts (voxel models), that can be swapped out during rendering.  Since all assets are generated to folders users can even share their character bases and voxel models.  You are free to do what you want with the content you create, sell it, share it (!please!)

The Renderer  

An interface for previewing, skinning, and rendering your character animations to pixel art

The Voxel Modeller

An interface for creating voxel models compatible with PixaVoxet

The Animator

An interface for creating skinnable characters and animations to be used with the Renderer

Other Features

Curve Deformation:  Voxel Model Deformation based on Curves

Custom Lighting:  Voxel Based Lighting System

Pixel Art Post Processing:  Settings for fine tuning the look of your pixel art

Sideview or Isometric Rendering

*Not tested on Mac or Linux, would love to get more feedback


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